She drives me crazy

It's enticing to see our heroes calmly sat at their car seats while his beloved conquests take the steering wheel with zest.
Our boys sigh on the road of love... and no, I haven't forgotten Michael Cera, although he's on low profile lately.

But I hear upcoming news shaped in a comedy secret movie:

"Michael Cera has a comedy set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival. The weird thing is you've never heard of it. Cera has been filming a comedy, PAPER HEARTS, on the sly with his girlfriend Charlyne Yi (KNOCKED UP) co-starring. Not much is known about the film and that's precisely what the producers want. They're trying to keep buzz on the film relatively quiet so as to not overhype the comedy before it premieres. But word is slowly starting to leak about the film that is described as "part documentary" with music as a "key theme." Nicholas Jasenovec, who starred in a bit part with Cera in SUPERBAD, directed the film with a script by Cera and Yi."

I like Charlyne, in spite of having been deleted of her list of friends in Myspace. Maybe she got jealous, I don't know the reason yet. But we're still friends in Youtube, and that's fine with me. She and Michael make an awkwardly adorable couple. I wish both the best of luck with this movie's release. Michael will always be welcomed in my fantasy crushes-land, although now I have a new of these ones: Emile Hirsch; yeah, after so much awkwardness a girl needs a rougher ride, ok?
Of course, never forgetting (not even for a microsecond) the Prince of Crushland and the King of Weirdland: Jake!