Nude scenes and next-door smiles

"Powder Blue" is getting a limited theatrical release on May 8th, but not that many people know what it's about, except that Jessica Biel is nude in it.

In the film Biel plays a stripper who gets contacted by her ex-con father (Ray Liotta) after serving a 25 years in prison. And to prepare for the role she had to not only do research but also get in the best shape of her life.

Access Hollywood caught up with her to see some of the training that went into getting ready for the part. Watch the video below to check it out". 

"The Girl Next Door" is no "Boogie Nights", a sexy comedy but for the slightly younger set, so being sexy for the teen market can be risky. "I didn't feel the pressure of having to do it for the public. I think just personally for myself, I had a place where I felt like I had to stop, which was full nudity. I push it to a certain point, obviously, in the opening of the film, but the director and I kind of talked about it, and I had a strong opinion on the fact that we could make a teen comedy and not have to do full nudity".

31 Things Every Man Should Own

"The things we love. The things we need. The items, were they to be lost, we would briefly mourn and immediately replace. Here, a collection of objects no man should be without.

Chef's Knife
With a good kitchen knife, you're holding something heavy and well-balanced. The food yields to it. Cooking becomes a craft, not a chore". 
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