Ellen Pompeo supported Barack Obama

Jake with Ellen Pompeo in "Moonlight Mile" (2002).

From an interview made to Ellen Pompeo by an user from Emile Hirsch Headquarters' Message board: (on 27th September, 2008).

"Hank Raper, President of the College Democrats of Campbell took the stand to introduce the special guests. Following Raper’s introduction, a video was shown encouraging students to register to vote, and hopefully to vote for Senator Obama. It also encouraged students to assist in the campaign. KaiaAnn Ayers spoke shortly after the video and again, urged students to register. Danielle Panabaker, of the television show “Shark” and Ellen Pompeo, otherwise known as Meredith Grey, then came to the stage.Cameras flashed as Ellen Pompeo began to speak. “I am assuming everyone here is in love with Barack Obama”, she said, with the auditorium erupting in applause shortly after. Pompeo first became an Obama supporter after reading a few books that he has written. She told students a story about being invited to an event hosted by Oprah Winfrey. Senator Obama was in attendance and Pompeo said that he made sure to make time for each person there. This impressed Pompeo immediately, as it would anyone. She next discussed the current war in Iraq.

“There is no such thing as victory in a war”, said Pompeo. “This country is in a very bad state..We are each others keepers and we have to keep each other on track”, she added. Pompeo believes that Senator Obama could help this situation if elected. She then encouraged students to tell five friends who are currently undecided on who they are voting for, about Senator Obama.

In a very brief interview with Panabaker and Pompeo, both were asked how old they were when they first registered to vote.

“I registered when I was 18. I was very excited to vote. So far I have voted on every election I could, no matter how small it is”, said Panabaker. Pompeo was not as eager to vote at that age.

“I registered later on. I didn’t register until after I moved to New York. I am very impressed at how passionate students are to vote and that they are registering”, said Pompeo.

“ Well it is always hard to say what could be but I definitely think that celebrity gives a great opportunity to raise awareness on issues”, Pompeo said when asked if she would still be as vocal in the Obama campaign if she wasn’t a celebrity.

“ That is why 100, 000 knocks for Barack is so great because it gives everyone a chance to go out and spread the word about Obama”, added Panabaker.

“Hosting an event for Ellen Pompeo and Danielle Panabaker here at Campbell was an incredible honor for me and the College Democrats. It was a privilege to have them on our campus and to provide a unique and essential service to the student body” reflected Hank Raper.