Jake & Reese's body language

"By wrapping his arm around her, "he's protecting her," body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells Us. "And she's letting him protect her."By placing his hand over her entire body (not just over her shoulder), Gyllenhaal shows that he's "very protective of her," Dr. Glass tells Us. "She's leaning into him, and he's taking care of his woman.""Her face is relaxed and smiling," Glass tells Us. "We've never really seen her without that tension on her face. She's usually in control. She never seems to be as free as she is now.""Her shoulder is up in a cutesy way, and she's smiling," Glass tells Us. "They're very comfortable with each other. He lets her be herself around him.""She's looking up at him with adoration," Glass tells Us. "He has a relaxing effect on her. You can see that he takes control - he's the one that has his hands clasped into hers. He brings out a real feminine side of her."
Source: www.usmagazine.com