Rob Pattinson is back in LA

Rob Pattinson was spotted leaving a studion in Venice, California Saturday (May 9) afternoon holding an unmarked CD and script. Actress Emmy Rossum was also seen leaving the same studio this afternoon.

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Should Rob Pattinson Worry About Bad Reviews?

Despite the bad reviews of "Little Ashes," veteran casting directors are calling Rob Pattinson's choice in films brilliant especially if he wants a long career according to E! Online.

Critics remain way underwhelmed by Robert Pattinson's channeling of artist Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes. Call it a lack of—tee hee—sparkle. A few were impressed—the London Daily Express calls Pattinson's take "a spirited performance." But most agree with MTV's Kurt Loder, who says, "As soon as Pattinson steps forth with Dalí's famous up-twirled mustaches pasted to his face, the picture collapses."

Well, meow to you, too.

That isn't necessarily bad news for Pattinson fans, however, especially if you're open to a long-term love affair...

Despite the mixed reviews, veteran casting directors are calling Pattinson's choice in films brilliant, especially if he wants a long career.

"Tween girls buy movie tickets but don't win you Oscars," says casting exec Lisa Hamil, who worked on The Notebook and Alpha Dog as well as the new film One-Eyed Monster. "Hollywood is very quick to typecast, and once that happens, an actor's career can flatline."

Here's where tweenie fans may feel a bit of panic.

"All of us would still attempt to cast him in tween roles, but I'd be shocked (and a little disappointed) if he took another one," Hamil reveals. "It's the same reason Daniel Radcliffe did Equus. These guys are in it for the long haul and have learned this elemental truth: You grow up with your audience."

In other words, once the Twilight franchise wraps, kids, don't look for Pattinson in another teen-candy role. Even vampires need to grow up sometime.

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Scouting New Moon Trip Report Through Montepulciano, Italy

Twilight fan Malicious Mandy has a report from her trip to Montepulciano.

Obviously the Piazza Grande will be used. That will be the busy square that Bella runs through just as the clock (conveniently on the tower) strikes noon. There are two alleys on either side of the main building, and both are fairly atmospheric, but I’m not convinced that they’ll be the ones used in the film. [....] The other building that they are supposedly using (none of this is confirmed, I’m just going on Montepulciano’s tourism board), is the Palazzo Selimbini. It’s about a ten minute walk straight downhill from the Piazza Grande.
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Lainey Gossip Tweets about New Moon Cast dinner at Blue Water Cafe in Vancouver

As always, lainey Gossip has the latest scoop about the Twilight stars in Vancouver. She was tweeting about the stars every move last night.


Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart's Cosy Cab Ride

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were spotted leaving Blue Water Cafe in Yale town, Vancouver last night.

The photos just keep coming in. Twilight stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart played a little footsie in their 3am limo ride home together in Vancouver. Interesting. There looks to be enough room in the limo that their legs didn't have to touch.

The rumored couple along with the cast members were seen attending a full New Moon cast dinner at the Blue Water Cafe and Raw bar in Yale town, Vancouver.

Kristen and Robert were seen taking long cigarette breaks together outside throughout the night.

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Dakota Fanning and Rachelle Lefevre: “New Moon” Mates

Already making friends up north, Dakota Fanning was spotted chumming it up with “New Moon” co-star Rachelle Lefevre in Vancouver, Canada on Friday (May 8).

The pair, who brought Rachelle’s little sis along for the outing, ended up arriving at Blue Water Cafe for a cast members party being thrown at the local eatery.

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Robert Pattinson At New Moon Cast Party With Stephanie Meyer

Rob Pattinson was spotted at Yaletwon, Vancouver last night for the New Moon cast party.

Robert Pattinson looks to be having a great night out in Vancouver, BC. The Twilight star was seen arriving at a cast party for New Moon in Yaletown, Vancouver. Rob was seen taking cigarette breaks with Kristen and was very animated as he chatted with friends outside the bar.

Twilight author Stephanie Mayer arrived for New Moon cast party in Vancouver. The best selling author was seen at the Blue Cafe in Yaletown, Vancouver where the rest of the cast were (including Rachelle Lefevre and Dakota Fanning). Mayer was seen chatting to Rob as she sat next to him whilst he ate dinner.

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New Moon Newbie: I Am Not a Werewolf!

The Twilight sequel isn't even out until this November, but Alex Meraz, costar of the second film in the series, is already getting hated on!

In New Moon, sexy Meraz plays the most volatile werewolf in the wolf pack.

"Someone started yelling at me because they didn't like my character," Meraz told us last night at a Carrera Vintage Sunglasses party at the Chateau Marmont hotel.

"I play a bad boy, so she got mad at me," he added. "She said, 'I hate you, Paul!' That was the craziest thing for me—being confused for a character."

Meraz's response to the hater?...

"I yelled back at her, 'I love you, too!'" he said.

Not only good-looking, but he's charming, too, and already one of the gang on the set! Uh-oh, is Meraz about to give Rob Pattinson a run for his money in the sex symbol department?

"Rob's just kind of soaking it up for everyone," Meraz said. "I'm happy to have just a smidgen of what he's got...I'm not worried about being a sex symbol."

It sounds like Meraz will be around for awhile. He kind of revealed that he may already be signed on to reprise his role in the third Twilight flick. "The next movie we're doing is Eclipse, so I'll wait to read the book a couple weeks before we start doing it, so I can really focus on it," Meraz said. "I don't want to spread myself too thin."

—Additional reporting by Dahvi Shira

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Kristen Stewart likely to star in a Zombie movie?

According to ReelzChannel, the rights to the book of Carrie Ryan's young adult zombie novel "The Forest of Hands and Teeth" have been sold to Seven Star Pictures the studio, the studio behind Kristen Stewart's upcoming movie K-11.

Rumor has it that Kristen Stewart might star in the movie. There are no confirmations yet from Seven Star pictures or Kristen Stewart. Read the report from Reelz Channel below:

The novel, which was published in March by Delacorte Books for Young Readers, has been an instant hit with critics and book bloggers. It tells the story of Mary, a girl living in a small village bordered by a fence to keep out the Unconsecrated -- savage zombies intent on destroying the town and everyone in it. Add a little bit of romance and a gutsy female heroin, and you've got a teen thriller to rival Twilight.

Rumor has it that an A-list actress is tipped to star in the movie (could it be Kristen Stewart?), and a first draft of the screenplay is being written as soon as possible. With the popularity of vampires, werewolves, and all things supernatural currently dominating the literary world, it seems book adaptations are the way to go. What could be next? Our money's on Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments trilogy. Somewhere, somebody will be closing a movie deal on that one soon.
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New Moon Trailer to come out in August?

According to KissFM, the full length trailer for New Moon will come out at the beginning of Band Slam movie starring Vanessa Hudgens. The movie is set to be release in August of this year.

BandSlam Movie

The full length trailer for Twilight 2 will be at the beginning of Band Slam, which is the movie Bobby is in. He’s very excited about this and all of you should be too! Check the movie out.

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New Moon Filming Updates from Melissa Rosenberg


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Best Romantic Gestures in Film of All-Time

Edward saving Bella from Tyler's van made the list of BuddyTV's "Best Romantic Gestures in Film of All-Time."


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New Moon Filming Updates from Michael Sheen

New Moon filming updates from Michael Sheen's Twitter:

Pre-Production for Eclipse begins

David Slade was spotted arriving in Vancouver yesterday to begin the pre-production for "Eclipse." Looks like Slade is not Paparazzi friendly. He was covering his face the whole time with his passport.

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Taylor Lautner Out in Vancouver

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Peter Facinelli Leaving Vancouver

Peter Facinelli was spotted leaving Vancouver yesterday. Read Lainey Gossip's report below who happens to be in the same flight as Peter:

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Around the same time Slade came, Peter Facinelli left. We were actually on the same flight to Vegas. Not sure where he was going. I sat across the aisle from him. He was lovely to fans who approached for photos in the terminal and the only other remarkable detail I can give you is that while I was trying to write The Outcast book review, he was givin’er on his iPod, playing some game that required furious tapping and scrolling and shaking. It was distracting and hilarious and adorable, especially when he became extra spastic with the controller.

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Melissa Rosenberg on David Slade

Melissa Rosenberg posted her thoughts about "Eclipse" director David Slade on her Facebook account. Here's what she has to say about the Twilight bashing director:


If you ask me I think they are trying to do some damage control about Slade's recent bashing on the Twilight franchise.

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Video of Rob Pattinson at Sam Bradley's Show

Twilight Director Smackdown

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Ashley Greene 's OK! Magazine Interview

Ashley Greene talks about her role in "New Moon" and the relationship rumors going around the set. She also talks about Rob Pattinson and how he's handling being the most eligible bachelor right now.

OK!: How does Alice change in the sequel?

My character’s going to be a good 60 percent bigger in the second film. You get to see the development between Alice, Bella and Edward.

OK!: Does Robert have any problems with putting on that vampire makeup?

He likes being pretty [laughs]! No, I think any guy [actor] is kind of like, eh. But it’s part of the job.

OK!: Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black, has really transformed his body so that he looks more mature in the sequel.

I’ve spoken out publicly about how ridiculous it was that he was going to be replaced, and I think he worked harder than anyone to keep his role. He’s gained almost 30 pounds. We’re so proud of him. He’s in the gym three times a day and eating all the time. I was like, “I want your job, you get to eat everything!”

OK!: How do you spend time off the set?

There’s a street in Vancouver called Robson, where we jam with people who play instruments. I’m going to take up guitar, because Jackson [Rathbone], Nikki [Reed], Kristen [Stewart] and Rob [Pattinson] all play guitar and sing.

OK!: Is the cast very close?

Yeah, you create this intense bond with these people. It’s really natural.

OK!: How is Robert handling being the world’s most desirable man?

Rob’s always like, “I don’t belong here, what’s going on?” He’s not the most sociable. He’s not one of those people who can go and talk to anyone. He’s kind of a hermit and a little awkward. He got thrust into this limelight, but he’s dealing with it. I think it’d be kind of difficult for anyone.

OK!: It’s been rumored that Rob had a crush on Kristen. Is that why he’s not dating?

I think he’s loving being single. He’s pretty much one of the most eligible bachelors out there right now. So if he was sad before [about Kristen], I think that he’s all right now.

OK!: Does Kristen stay in touch with her boyfriend, Michael Angarano?

I know that she cares about him a lot and they have a great relationship. On the last film, he would hang out often.

OK!: Who are your celebrity crushes?

I get crushes on everyone. I love everyone in Kings of Leon. I actually heard they want to be on our soundtrack, which would be so cool.

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New Moon Script Leaked Online?

The script of highly-anticipated "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" could have been leaked online. On Tuesday, May 5, Cinema Blend broke the news that a 105-page of what is claimed to be Melissa Rosenberg-written second draft of "New Moon" screenplay has made its way out through a Twitter page.

In its report, Cinema Blend noted that the leaked script starts with "a dream sequence in which Bella imagines herself as a wrinkly old woman, still with an eternally young and extremely diamond skinned Edward". While there is yet confirmation on whether or not the leaked script is the real deal, the site furthermore pointed out the strong chance of its authenticity since the Twitter site distributing the script has been locked.

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