More upcoming epic films

"Joe Johnston, a director with an incredibly forgettable name but a solid resume, will sit in the Captain’s seat of the upcoming Marvel film.

Captain America (a/k/a The First Avenger: Captain America) is skedded to be released in 2011 and rumors have been flying around for quite some time. Is it set during the second World War? Will Will Smith don the red white and blue suit as was floated a few weeks back? (We have our own pics for the role of course.) Will the Iron Man scribes Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby be writing the script as they’ve hinted in recent interviews?.

Finally: some hard news.

Joe Johnston is the man. And, yes, he is also The Man. Dude’s made nothing but fun movies. Jumanji was him. The Rocketeer and Jurassic Park III was him. Jake Gyllenhaal’s break out hit October Sky was him (and anyone who doesn’t like that movie can take a Betsy Ross-themed shield to the face.) He also directed Hidalgo, which blew, but at least looked really nice. What this probably means is that the advance buzz on The Wolfman is no B.S.

"Warner Bros. is attempting to destroy a couple of potentially great films as they are rushing to get a pair of sword-and-sandal features into production. The films in question are Lous Leterrier's remake of Clash of the Titans and Tarsem Singh's War of the Gods. Both films are very close to casting their leads with Henry Cavill (Stardust) lining up for Gods and Sam Worthington (Terminator Salvation, Avatar) in talks for Titans. The idea of two similar flicks racing to get into production at Warner Bros. is not a new idea. Remember Troy and Alexander? Yeah, similar deals there in 2004, and as it turns out Oliver Stone's Alexander killed Baz Luhrmann's Alexander the Great at Universal. However, the fact we have two films of similar substance competing at the same studio is silly, and the fact they are hurrying to get the films started is even worse, and here's why...

First off, we are talking about two completely different directors. Louis Leterrier vs. Tasem Singh. The Cell vs. Transporter 2. The Fall vs. The Incredible Hulk. On top of that, it typically takes Tarsem Singh eight years to make a movie, so the idea he could get War of the Gods finished before Clash of the Titans is surprising. However, Gods is scheduled to go into production in February, two months before Titans. That, however, is where the differences really end.
How either film will compare to Mike Newell's Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal set for release on May 28, 2010 is unknown, but it looks like 2010 may end up having three epic sword and sandle features".