Jake Gyllenhaal at Jon Stewart's Show

The girls of Iheartjake.com added some new pictures of Jake arriving The Jon Stewart Show on 28th February 2007. So let's remember that dotty interview to Jake by a portentous Jon Stewart!

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Jon Stewart play off each other well on The Daily Show on Wednesday night.

Jon kids with Jake about looking alike. “I look like you if I had been taking Dioxin,” Jon quipped.

Another one of my favorite quotes from the interview: “This year, Oscars. No Jake Gyllenhaal, no Jon Stewart. It’s like they didn’t even have the Oscars this year.”

Jon closed the interview mentioning that Jake played the kid Danny Robbins in Billy Crystal’s western movie City Slickers in 1991 (Jake was 11).

“Technically, Brokeback Mountain was not your first gay cowboy picture.” Source: Justjared.buzznet.com