Maeby in "Arrested Development" confirmed

Alia Shawkat: Well especially like in Arrested Development [in which Alia played Maeby Bluth from the time she was 14 until she was 16], I find that when the writing’s more creative and more realistic, it’s easier to connect to because you just go with how you would [be] if you were in that Were you as bummed out as the rest of the world when Arrested Development was cancelled?

-Alia: Every season, it was like, ‘we’re not getting picked up’, and then we did. So when it was actually cancelled, we saw it coming. It was sad, but I think that what the show needed to do, it got done. We had three great seasons and a lot of fans. I wish the characters could’ve continued, but I think the writers did a great job until the very end. Well there’s a stir on the internet about a potential movie. Do you know anything about that?

-Alia: With the publicity of "Juno", Jason Bateman started spewing rumours that there was going to be a movie. When we wrapped, [Jason] said, ‘watch I’m going to make sure a movie happens’. He’s just like the best advocate for Arrested – as everyone is. But he really just created a rumour, which now may be starting the actual production of it. Mitch [Hurwitz, the creator] spoke to everyone to make sure they were all on board and everyone is, so I think they’re going forward with it. Ron Howard is down to [direct] it, so I think Mitch just has to write the script… And you’re on board?
-Alia: I’m definitely on board, yes".


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