Thanksgiving Day Dates!

"The start of holiday season is upon us and, for many single online daters, that means spending Thanksgiving dinner surrounded by family and friends and the constant reminder that they came home stag. At Avalanche, LLC, owner of leading online dating sites, and, we wondered which celebrity our singles thought would make the best impression as a dinner date."

We weren't surprised that George Clooney and
Jennifer Aniston topped the list of ideal dinner dates for Thanksgiving as they truly represent Hollywood Royalty; both are sophisticated, charitable, gorgeous, fascinating and worldly, and could make any relative jealous while charming even the grouchiest Grandparent," said Shira Zwebner, Relationship Advisor for, and"

In a new survey of thousands of singles nationwide, we asked: You're Single this Thanksgiving and, if you could bring any celebrity home to have dinner with your entire family, who would it be? Following are the complete results:

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George Clooney 31% Jennifer Aniston 35%
Prince William 18% Reese Witherspoon 23%
Tom Brady 13% Anne Hathaway 12%
Jake Gyllenhaal 12% Jessica Biel 9%
President Elect Obama 10% Halle Berry 7%
David Archuleta 8% Mary Louise Parker 5%
Brad Pitt 3% Kiera Knightly 4%
Adrian Grenier 3% Natalie Portman 4%
P. Diddy 2% Madonna 1%


Reese reached the second place in the females group and Jake the fourth place in the males group. It's not fair, first Jake loses the title of the sexiest man alive in People Magazine to Hugh Jackman!, and now George Clooney the first one again? I'd add Mary Louise Parker is an excellent choice by the survey voters.