Warhol on DVD

"13 Most Beautiful . . . Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests," issued by Plexifilm in conjunction with the Andy Warhol Museum, is the first authorized DVD of Warhol films.The 13 tests contained here span a representative range of subjects, from celebrities ( Lou Reed, Dennis Hopper) to Warhol-created stars (Edie Sedgwick, Baby Jane Holzer) and unknowns. Each is scored to new music by Dean Wareham and Britta Phillips, formerly of the band Luna; a few songs are covers, most are originals, and all are conducive to languid reverie. The tests also can be played without music.

As a filmmaker, Warhol was a poet -- and a provocateur -- of duration.
The most startling tests are, in some ways, the most minimal. As she did in all her screen appearances, the doomed Sedgwick, Warhol's ultimate muse, conjures instant drama with the slightest movement of her facial muscles, the merest widening or narrowing of her large, endlessly expressive eyes.

Source: www.latimes.com