Peter Sarsgaard and Sienna Miller Q & A

Q: Can you explain about your characters' relationship in this film; is it doomed even before one of you is doomed?

PS: Well, it's only doomed if you have expectations for what it might be, I guess. They're doomed to get married...
SM: It's a destructive relationship.

PS: Oh, it's not that destructive.

SM: No, but the character of Cleveland is one of those people that's very magnetic and very drawn to you, but ultimately can't be tamed in a way.
Q: Peter, your character is described at the very onset as a lunatic and you've just referred to him as a omnivore. Did you take the hint that he's kind of crazy and self-destructive?

PS: I didn't take any of it that literally at all. To be honest with you, when I thought about playing this character the things that came to mind were like the image of Julian Schnabel holding onto like a big piece of chicken and sitting in front of a huge fireplace.
Q: Peter, you're going doing a benefit or an organization that works with children who stutter?

PS: I am because I just worked with Austin Pendelton who's a stutterer and has used it to fabulous effect in his career. He talks about getting jammed on a word and how freeing that can be. Do you know his work? He's an incredible, incredible, incredible actor and director. Just a ferocious director.

Honest, [Sienna] you would love acting with this guy. I'm going to it, honestly, because he asked me to. He directed Uncle Vanya. And he teaches acting.

Q: And what about Broadway?

SM: I'm doing a Patrick Marber play in the fall with The Roundabout Theater. After Miss Julie. The adaptation is from [August] Strindberg's Miss Julie that's been done at The Donmar in London. Me and Johnny Lee Miller at the moment. It's [just] three people in the cast. I'm playing Miss Julie in that.

Q: The dominatrix?

SM: The dominatrix? No. I think it's far more complicated than that. She's absolutely not a dominatrix.

PS: She's a dominatrix. He's bisexual.

PS: When I'm a little older, I really want to play Col. Vershinin from Three Sisters by [Anton] Chekhov.
Maggie [Gyllenhaal, Peter's wife] and I did Uncle Vanya this year and we're talking about it. It was so nice performing together in a theater that only has two hundred people max, one hundred ninety nine that there's no effort to sell.

Q: Of all those movies what's your favorite role that you've done in this period?
SM: I loved doing Edie [Sedgwick].