Robsten...a Long Time Coming?

Ted Casablanca of E! Online has some new details about Rob and Kristen's karaoke night in Japan. Aside from the fact that they sang a duet of Elton John's "Your Song," apparently Rob's eyes lit up the moment he saw Kristen in the karaoke club.

Enough, for now, of the too fun Twi conspiracy. Let's take a look back and pay tribute to the cuteness that is Robsten. Apparently the writing was on the wall for the two babes, and it all came to a head when they were over in Japan promoting Twilight.

Remember, Kristen and Rob sang karaoke together covering Elton John's "Your Song"? Too presh, and we have new deets about just how adorable they were over there...

We're told by some workers there that when Kristen walked in the room, Rob's "eyes lit up as soon as he saw her."

R pulled out Kris' chair for her and from that moment on they were "in their own world." We're told there was definitely something going on between the good-looking duo because they kept leaning in and talking to each other the whole night.

Before the karaoke took place, apparently K.S. was nervous and wasn't sure if she wanted too. That's when Rob came over to "reassure her" she didn't have to. Gag, how cute.

Rob and Kristen were eventually joined by some more people who looked like they wanted to "separate [Rob and Kristen]," sitting between them and breaking up their convos.

After dorko evening, Kristen and Rob were supposed to go back to their hotels (they were staying at different ones, naturally), but we hear that may not have been the case. Oh, and this was supposedly when K and Michael were on one of their "breaks."

Source: E! Online