On A Date With Robert Pattinson

Rob Pattinson talks about his love scene in his latest movie "Little Ashes" and the ending of "New Moon."

"He seems to be styled by Hugo Boss," wrote our Features Ed. Jonathan Dean in his review for the Twilight DVD. "He has immaculate Shockwaves hair. He has eyes that can change colour." And, capping it off, he added: "He’s fricking gorgeous after all."

We can't disagree. So when the chance came up to take Rob out for a quiet romantic meal for two, we jumped at the chance like vampires leaping into a tree.

Stubble. On your face. Riiiight... So can we talk about Twilight sequel New Moon?

Edward and Bella’s reunion in New Moon is good. It’s different from the book so I think people will be happy.

This movie will have a very different mood. In visual terms it’s going to be so different from Twilight. It’s also a lot scarier. Chris [Weitz, New Moon director] is very willing to go down that route.

So, are they going to tie you up in that harness again for the sequel?

Luckily, I just have to get beaten up in this one!

And then we could tend to you, stroke your hair and gaze into your eyes until you can walk again. Wait. Where are you going? Robert!! Where’s that wine?!? Click here to read the rest of the interview

Source: TotalFilm