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"Edie's pathetic life and death epitomise the dark side of the Sixties. She remains a potent symbol of the fickleness of celebrity. Her mind was wasted before her body followed through a lethal combination of drug abuse and contemporary psychiatric medicine. The horror of her decline is preserved on celluloid, and elusively in the lyrics of an iconic song.Chuck Wein was by now promoting her aggressively, charting out who she should meet and generally running her life for her. Several of Edie's friends had an uneasy feeling about this, not least because of Wein’s drug habit, but they didn't stop it. They probably reasoned that, even if Wein’s manipulation was parasitic, then so was everything else about that crowd, place and time.Andy Warhol was smitten by her, telling his principal collaborators that he wanted her to be the 'Queen of the Factory'.Beauty No2 also contains the first clear signs of Edie's instability that are recorded on film. At one point, she hurls a glass ashtray at Wein. A film of early 1966 suggests an alarming pace of decline, however. In a 33-minute-long monologue called Outer and Inner Space, Edie seems to be confused and distressed. She was certainly highly reliant on amphetamines by this time, and known to be using both hallucinogenic and opiate drugs too.An association with the drug scene was the last thing a successful mainstream publication wanted. The independents who might have been prepared to take the risk had little money, and Edie was too vain to contemplate taking the step down.Filming started in April 1967, but soon got out of hand. Almost everyone involved in the production had a dependency on drugs. In the summer of 1969, she was arrested for possession, leading to a further spell in a psychiatric ward. Here she met Michael Post, another drug-dependent patient, who would soon become her companion for what remained of her life". Source: www.bbc.co.uk

"Yeah, you won't recognize Jake Gyllenhaal," Bruckheimer said in a press conference on Sunday in Beverly Hills, Calif., where he was promoting his latest film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. "I've seen most of Prince of Persia. It looks fantastic."

The producer added that Gyllenhaal got his swashbuckler muscles the old-fashioned way. "No, no drugs," he countered to jibes against Gyllenhaal's sudden bulk. "No drugs. [He] just worked really hard."

Source: scifiwire.com

"young, thrill-seeking hot-bloods trying to fight complacency and prove their power, popularity and existence by dealing drugs, partying hard and imitating the much glamorized and over-hyped thug lifestyle.EH: I think it's a good cautionary tale in a certain sense because you got this kind of party lifestyle world and get like this is oh it’s so crazy and there is a certain glorification of that. And I think that's what "Alpha Dog" does so I think it's even more important for young people to see this because as much as every kid may love rap or really violent music or violent video games its good for them to get just a healthy dose of reality so that they don't think it's just always going to end riding off into the sunset on a horse with no cops around. It's good to see consequences". Source: www.joblo.com

"If you think psychiatrists are latter-day snake-oil salesmen peddling prescriptions for everything that ails us, you’ll love how “Charlie Bartlett” skewers our drug culture.Charlie Bartlett is wearing a t-shirt that says: “People like you are the reason people like me need medication.” Charlie Bartlett is the irrepressible and cleverly manipulative title character of a new Hollywood comedy in which 17-year-old Charlie – just to achieve the popularity he craves – plays therapist to his classmates and hands out enough psych drugs to keep the average drug rehab center busy for a year.

These witless shrinks are only too willing to prescribe Ritalin, Xanax, Zoloft and all the rest of their chemical solutions for Charlie’s faux problems.
“Charlie Bartlett” the movie is about making it in life in spite of the shrinks and their wacko psychobabble and buckets of drugs. For those with the eyes to see, the movie satirizes, even skewers, the religion of psychiatry and its holy sacraments – an infinite number of mood-altering psychotropic drugs and endless litany of labels for every little complaint for which a drug is the ultimate salvation.America’s real drug problem, the movie says, starts with a generalized failure to just shut up and listen to each other – especially to our kids – and ends by drowning in a tsuname of prescription drugs. And it’s right on the money. Casualties of prescription drugs are overflowing drug detox and drug rehab facilities across the country with victims of all ages, having spread like cancer to the drugging of our children.

“Charlie Bartlett” suggests, we’re condemning a whole generation of Americans to lives lost in chemical dependence, substance abuse and the endlessly revolving doors of one drug rehab program after another". Source: blog.drugrehabreferral.com

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