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In the December copy of Total Film Magazine it's featured "The Prince of Persia" in its headline as one of the important upcoming movie releases.

Total Film Magazine also alludes to the problems in the course of completing "Nailed" in an interview with Jessica Biel. Jessica Biel attending the London Film Festival, 29th October 2008.

Nailed's status is Post-production. Its filming was expected to wrap on June, but it's not over yet. This issue had been issued previously by Total Film:

"David O Russell's new flick Nailed is starting to get the air of a cursed project.

First James Caan walked off the flick, citing 'creative differences,' then stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel were forced to follow suite on Friday.

This time, the walk-out had nothing to do with the correct way to eat a cookie. Instead, the situation was a touch more serious.

According to the imdb, Gyllenhaal and Biel left after producers failed to assure them that they'd get paid for their work. Read that sentence again, even newspaper delivery boys can expect three quid at the end of their shift, so we're not surprised two of the hottest young actors in Hollywood decided they probably had better things to do with their time".

"Elsewhere, we chat to our favourite Jessica (Biel) on her latest, Easy Virtue, and her forthcoming turns as a nympho, and a stripper. (You can see why she’s our favourite – Alba, Simpson... feel free to rise to the challenge)

We also speak to Leonardo Dicaprio about life, the universe, etc. and catch up with Baz Luhrmann, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman on the set of the epic Australia. (We may even have squeezed in a bit of Wolverine chat too...)

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Part One of our countdown of The 150 Greatest Performances Of All Time*.

* A cheeky chat with Russell Brand
* Some thoughts on Prince Of Persia


*150 Greatest Performances of all time:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been voted at #124 Greatest Performance for "Mysterious Skin" in Total Film Magazine.

'I always thought his performance in Mysterious Skin was one of the best of 2004.

I’m not an actor but It would be interesting to know what it feels like to be in the same company as Charlie Chaplin, Steven McQueen, Richard Dreyfuss, Alec Guinness, Christian Bale, Kirk Douglas, James Dean, Julianne Moore, Forest Whitaker, Kanji Watanabe and Gena Rowlands. Whether that’s in the public eye or the critics eye.

My personal favourite performance of all time is tied as: Daniel Day Lewis for My Left Foot, Robert De Niro for both Taxi Driver and Raging Bull, Sean Penn for Mystic River and Peter Sellers for Being There . For sheer on-screen madness: Christian Bale for The Machinist. Or how about for pure laconic, imposing charisma: ’Beat’ Takeshi for Hana-bi. For sheer winsomeness: Audrey Tautou for Amelie. But to be honest its hard choosing one singular best performance out of so many commendable ones on display'. -by Zieges.