Most promising videogame adaptation?

"it’s time to tabulate the results from last week’s poll! We asked you guys to tell us which of the video game movies currently in development would be the least likely to suck. Far and away the top 2 responses were Bioshock (directed by Gore Verbinski) and Prince of Persia (directed by Mike Newell and starring Jake Gyllenhaal). I think most of us can agree that those adaptations have some potential. What was quite surprising, however, was the fact that Max Payne still managed to be #3 in the poll with 13% of the votes — even after it had already been released to terrible reviews! God of War and Gears of War rounded out the top 5. Are there any others that we missed?"

1. Bioshock — 33.6%
2. Prince of Persia — 26.9%
3. Max Payne — 13.4%
4. God of War — 7.5%
5. Gears of War — 6.7%
6. Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li — 4.5%
7. Onimusha — 2.2%
7. Clock Tower — 2.2%
7. Castlevania — 2.2%
10. Lost Planet — 0.7%