Love is strange, but it works

Elisha Cuthbert had her big breakthroug role in "The girl next door" (2004), a romantic comedy co-starred with Emile Hirsch. She has a slight resemblance with Kirsten Dunst in some pictures (also with Deborah Harry)."Elisha Cuthbert is at the Beach Is it just me, or is she channeling Kirsten Dunst here?"

How many of our friends and acquaintances have reproached our movie obsessions or crushes with actors as Jake, they make feel us a bit uncomfortable and guilty, don't they? And we often don't know how to explain them that we are smart enough to differentiate our insane dreams of the (not always so likeable) reality. But I found a great post of a fan of Elisha Cuthbert in the forum of trying to enlighten all these boring folks who are immune and indifferent to movie fetishes and actors, and this guy poured some free truths, so are they lucky or are we lucky? Read this post and replace in it the word Elisha by Jake and all will make sense!

Topic: "Why people love Elisha Cuthbert"

Love is strange, but it works.

"I guess, for me, she brightened my life up a little. Everyone struggles at different stages in life, and when you have someone to follow/admire, it makes it all so much easier.

I used to think about her, and just smile to myself. Its funny though, because in my opinion, loving is about that special "feeling" towards someone. I tell you, I feel so strongly for that woman that sometimes I wish I never laid eyes upon her. She's purely one of a kind. The way she makes me feel somtimes? Its love. I don't care what anyone tells me, I understand this one. Love doesn't have to be mutual in my eyes. There are just different types of "love". If someone says they can give you an absolute definiton of the word "love", they're wrong. Its unexplainable... Its untouchable. It always lasts, no matter what. I'll always care for Elisha, and I'll always pause and wonder what she's doing.

And they have only seen what she is like in her interviews, people have many different sides and i dont think its possible to actually love them until you know all of them (quote from a previous poster in the thread)

Hmm... I understand that. But, listen. Something clicked... I completely fell for one of her "sides", I don't know which one. But, the way that emotion makes me feel is... Special. Therefore, I love her for making me happy. I love her for making me think about life. I love her for introducing me to that very special "side" of hers, which made me wonder". -posted by HeeshLove on Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:26 am

All of us here in Weirdland have experienced this from time to time towards Jake, and although sometimes we feel as huge losers we don't need to apologize for it, ok? this is a video for Jake, "Pledging my love":