The new Prince game

"This franchise reboot leaves the last PoP trilogy behind for an all-new story: When a battle between the warring gods of light and darkness destroys the mythical Tree of Life, the world falls prey to the Corruption, spreading shadows that threaten to swallow mankind whole. The new Prince, a mysterious wandering swordsman, agrees to help Elika, a plucky and comely mystic trying to set things right. In fact, she's a sophisticated AI helpmate who'll aid you in solving puzzles, fighting bad guys, and traversing the game's vast landscapes. From what we've seen, this PoP harks back to the series' best iterations, with gorgeous art direction, acrobatic derring-do, and a vibe straight out of the Arabian Nights. Here's hoping the upcoming movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, measures up". —Evan Narcisse