Culinary parties

Jake told Ellen he can whip up a meal in two-and-a-half minutes, so she put him to the test on today's show. October, 2007.
"Jake Gyllenhaal is developing a new organic restaurant venture with top cook Chris Fisher.

Sources claim the movie star once promised himself he’d open a top-end eatery if his acting career took off by the time he was 30. He’s 27.

And Gyllenhaal, who has made regular appearances on top chef Mario Batali’s hit U.S. cookery show Molto Mario, is getting serious about cooking up a restaurant."
"Our thanks, too, to the exceptionally talented Chris Fischer and pastry chef Gina DePalma for making last night's dinner so unforgettably delicious.

Chris shows himself to be equally adept at pasta, fish, and meat — not to mention vegetables. We were stunned (as it's not the kind of dish we typically rave about) to encounter the single best potato salad we've ever tasted in our lives: a "Primavera Salad" that's a medley of tiny flavor-packed potatoes straight from the Union Square Greenmarket served over Pecorino with a liberal drizzle of olive oil. We were also blown away by everything from the bass with grilled fruits to the porcini-crusted steak. At 26, Chris Fischer is definitely a young talent worth keeping an eye on". Source:
"Perhaps the only celebrity not getting into the food biz is Jake Gyllenhaal, who was recently reported biking around Italy with Reese Witherspoon investigating concepts for an L.A. organic restaurant. But his reps now say that the announcement was just as insubstantial as a parmesan foam topping".