The Yellow Handkerchief Clip - Kristen Stewart

'The Yellow Handkerchief' Clip: "Do You Cry?" with Kristen Stewart and William Hurt.

"They are revealing the list from 9 to 1 and only one at a time. On the list are three of the biggest stars of 2009. They are not legendary actors or actresses but are merely starring in one of the hottest movies of the year.
Kristen Stewart was the first of the The Twilight Saga: New Moon stars to be revealed on the list. Kristen was followed closely by Robert Pattinson and then yesterday MTV revealed Taylor Lautner.Kristen Stewart appears number 7 on the list of Top 9 Women in 2009. With her starring role in The Twilight Saga and new rise to the top she is a must have on MTV’s list. They also love her indie cred with Adventureland and her upcoming role as Joan Jett in The Runaways". Source: