Jake Gyllenhaal won't voice the Prince in videogame

Prince Dastan killing a Sand Monster in the videogame.

"During a recent Ubisoft preview event, Michael McIntyre, director of level design for Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, talked to Joystiq about the new sequel to the old trilogy, establishing its connection to the Sands of Time game series and the Bruckheimer film.
Jake Gyllenhaal in Yahoo! - Prince of Persia: Behind The Scenes With Dastan

The Forgotten Sands is a side story, based in the Sands of Time universe, bridging the seven-year gap between the original Sands of Time game and its sequel, Warrior Within.
How long how has The Forgotten Sands been in development, and when was it decided it would be a continuation of The Sands of Time series?

The game's been in development for a year and a half now, and it was decided that it would be part of The Sands of Time franchise fairly early in development -- that it would be the same Prince, same universe.

ow exactly, then, will The Forgotten Sands connect with next year's film, if at all?

Basically, the film is telling the story of The Sands of Time trilogy, which Ubisoft made, and this game is a story that happens on the side of that. So, it's the same character.

Will Jake Gyllenhaal voice the Prince in the game?

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