Source Code director says Jake is lovely

"Before the screening, the 38-year old Duncan Jones (christened Zowie Bowie) was probably best known, if known at all, for being the son of the rock legend David Bowie and for directing a brilliantly bizarre UK television commercial for oven chips.
Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell in "Moon" (2009), directed by Duncan Jones.

Today, he is preparing for a round of meetings in LA as he crews up in preparation for his next project, a Jake Gyllenhaal (“a very lovely guy”) film called Source Code that was offered to him complete with Hollywood star power, facilities and budget. It’s a giant step for the director, who is cheerfully embracing the Hollywood machine with the good-natured air of confidence he has been nurturing over the past year.

“It’s interesting,” he says, of his first megabucks, all-singing, all-dancing project. “It’s a much bigger budget, it’s a Hollywood film, there are a lot more people involved in the decision-making process. I think my background in advertising is a benefit – I’m somewhere between trying to please everyone else and trying to maintain the integrity of what it is I would like to do as a director. So it’s not too different to doing a commercial, to be honest, but it’s definitely a different beast to Moon.”

Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Eye of the Storm' segment from "The day after Tomorrow" (which was filmed between November 2002 and March of 2003 in Montreal, Canada).

"Duncan Jones’ sci-fi thriller “Source Code” begins pre-production early next month in Montreal and is due to begin filming early March.

Juan Solanas’ sci-fi romance “Upside Down” is scheduled to start a 4 month shoot beginning early March".