Should Rob Pattinson Worry About Bad Reviews?

Despite the bad reviews of "Little Ashes," veteran casting directors are calling Rob Pattinson's choice in films brilliant especially if he wants a long career according to E! Online.

Critics remain way underwhelmed by Robert Pattinson's channeling of artist Salvador Dalí in Little Ashes. Call it a lack of—tee hee—sparkle. A few were impressed—the London Daily Express calls Pattinson's take "a spirited performance." But most agree with MTV's Kurt Loder, who says, "As soon as Pattinson steps forth with Dalí's famous up-twirled mustaches pasted to his face, the picture collapses."

Well, meow to you, too.

That isn't necessarily bad news for Pattinson fans, however, especially if you're open to a long-term love affair...

Despite the mixed reviews, veteran casting directors are calling Pattinson's choice in films brilliant, especially if he wants a long career.

"Tween girls buy movie tickets but don't win you Oscars," says casting exec Lisa Hamil, who worked on The Notebook and Alpha Dog as well as the new film One-Eyed Monster. "Hollywood is very quick to typecast, and once that happens, an actor's career can flatline."

Here's where tweenie fans may feel a bit of panic.

"All of us would still attempt to cast him in tween roles, but I'd be shocked (and a little disappointed) if he took another one," Hamil reveals. "It's the same reason Daniel Radcliffe did Equus. These guys are in it for the long haul and have learned this elemental truth: You grow up with your audience."

In other words, once the Twilight franchise wraps, kids, don't look for Pattinson in another teen-candy role. Even vampires need to grow up sometime.

Source: E! Online