Girlfriend Magazine Interview of Rob Pattinson

GF: Your hair's shorter; how come?

Robert: I cut it because I'm a rebel. It's one of those crazy things. The studio was always like, "The fans don't want to see you messy." I'm like, "I don't care." Then as soon as one of the fans said, "I like how messy he looks" they came back to me and were like, "Okay. You have to be messy all the time. Never stop being messy."

It used to look like a sculpture!

That's why I wanted to cut it off. As soon as people started calling it my "trademark", it's like, OK, time to get rid of it.

The novels regularly mention how beautiful Edward is, so how do you feel about living up to that?

It's funny! Like last year, if I wanted to chat somebody up, I had to go all out, and then this year, I look exactly the same and the walls have just changed overnight! It's like you just need someone to say, "This guy's attractive," and then everyone believes it!

Did you have sizzlin' chemistry with Kristen Stewart when you first met her?

I wanted to do the movie because of her. It was like the first job that I wanted to do
in ages. Having Kristen there, I thought that it could be something more than just another film, because of the way she was in the audition and because of her track record
of making really good film choices.

What about the rumour that you proposed to her on the set?

I don't know where that came from. It's like, "When did I propose to her?" [laughs]. Someone asked me that and I thought, "Did I? Maybe I did." That's pretty extreme. That's really getting into character. I might have proposed to a bunch of other people too.

That used to be my favourite chat-up line when I was younger. You just go straight
up to a person and say, "Will you marry me?
I don't want to mess around" [laughs].

What kind of reaction would you get?


Have you ever fallen in love with the wrong kind of girl in real life?

Yeah, anybody can fall in love with the wrong person. Plus, I generally like people who have, like, a dark side. I generally like people who are a little bit crazy.

You've mentioned in interviews that you're a bit of a loner yourself.

There are just very few people who I think are worth the time. Like, I don't like talking on the phone; I can't really maintain relationships with people who don't want to come hang out with me. Plus I'm always moving around. I don't really see the point most of the time.

How often do you get recognised on the street these days?

I've been getting recognised from this [Twilight] since I finished shooting. It's crazy. It was the day that I got back to LA, and it's almost every single day since then that there's someone who spots me.

Does it make you uncomfortable?

I mean, I don't normally go to shopping centres and stuff and those are the places it happens. But I've bedn uncomfortable in crowds my whole life. I've always felt that everyone is looking at me [laughs]. So this doesn't make any difference. I could be in a supermarket and have a full-on panic attack when there's no one else there. And this was even like five years ago, when nobody knew who I was!

This might be the wrong profession for you then![Laughs] I know.

So how prepared were you for the Twilight phenomenon?

I wasn't really prepared at all. It still gets bigger and bigger every single week. I have no idea. I always think that I can still just go back to London and sort of disappear, but it might be too late for that!

Source: Girlfriend