Kristen Stewart Talks 'Twilight,' Joan Jett

Kristen Stewart sat down with to discuss her movie "The Cake Eaters", her role as Joan Jett in the Runaways and Twilight. Q: You met some girls who suffer from this terminal illness. What did you take away from that?

A: Not to sound totally cliché about a disease movie, but all the girls I met have a resistance to any sort of patronizing and any box that you want to put them in. It's overwhelmingly inspiring to meet them. It's about not letting your life end. To them it's like they're different and so they're going to have to live a different life. But it can still be great. I could identify with that.

Q: Your character is very outspoken. Are you like that?

A: Georgia is all about the truth. She really calls everything by its right name. She's very honest. I'm honest but I don't think I have as much to say as she does. But I'm free with my words when I believe in something, I guess.