Joseph Gordon-Levitt Nylon photoshoot + video

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Nylon Guys mag photoshoot, September 2009.

"The future of the movies is not in Hollywood...and that's the good news!" Joseph Gordon-Levitt tells us
like it is!

Scarily good soundtracks, Toben Seymour and Ace Norton

Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox in "Jennifer's Body".
Adam Brody plays Low Shoulder's lead singer Nikolai Wolf in "Jennifer's Body" (2009).

"Jennifer's Body" soundtrack songs list:
1. Kiss With a Fist - Florence and The Machine
2. New Perspective – Panic! At The Disco
3. Teenagers - Hayley Williams
4. New In Town - Little Boots
5. Finishing School - Dashboard Confessional
6. Through The Trees – Low Shoulder
7. Time - Cute Is What We Aim For
8. I Can See Clearly - Screeching Weasel
9. Chew Me Up - Cobra Starship
10. toxic valentine - All Time Low
11. I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend - Black Kids
12. Death - White Lies
13. Celestial Crown - The Sword
14. Little Lover’s So Polite - Silversun Pickups
15. Ready For The Floor - Lissy Trullie
Bonus track: Violet - Hole

Two tracks from "Jennifer's Body" soundtrack:
Low Shoulder ("Through the trees")
Panic at the Disc ("New Perspective")

IMDB's list of the 10 top rated films of the new millenium:
15. Requiem for a Dream (2000)Kirsten Dunst and Mark Ruffalo - behind the scenes of "Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind".

14. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
13. Spirited Away (2001)
12. The Pianist (2002)
11. The Lives of Others (2006)
10. The Departed (2006)
9. Amélie (2001)
8. Wall-E (2008)
7. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)
6. Memento (2000)
5. Up (2009)
4. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
3. City of God (2002)
2. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)
1. The Dark Knight (2008)

Part of "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" soundtrack there were featured two songs by an indie group The Willowz: "Something" and "Keep On Looking" - written by Richie Eaton and performed by The Willowz. The soundtrack is one of the most important pieces for the motion pictures to come intimately alive.

Take a look at two videoclips featuring The WILLOWZ "Jubilee" and "Icons and Tricks" directed by Toben Seymour, co-creator with Ace Norton of
Commondeer Productions, two visual authors whose works make their portrayed postmodern bands look sense datum.
Inventive video-makers Ace Norton and Toben Seymour are both friends of this jaw-dropping handsome actor: Emile Hirsch.

"While in college at The University of Southern California’s School of Cinema, Toben created Commondeer with a group of friends who would shoot guerilla-style music videos on the weekend for musicians such as The Willowz, Neon Blonde and A Gun Called Tension.With his finger firmly planted on the pulse of the uncanny, Seymour has directed videos for Will.I.Am, Moby, The Willowz, Louis XIV, Herman Dune, Maps, Pony Up, Prints, Neon Blonde, Lying In States, Little Wings, A Gun Called Tension, What Made Milwaukee Famous, Freschard, The Honorary Title and The Duhks.He lives in Venice, California".

Jake Gyllenhaal with Selma Blair at "The Good Girl" premiere, on 7th August 2002, in Hollywood, CA.Kick Gurry with Emile Hirsch in "Speed Racer" (2008).
Emile Hirsch with Ace Norton attending an Art exhibition.
"Dewana's Bridal" will be the next short movie directed by Ace Norton starring Jaime King, Selma Blair and Kick Gurry.

Jennifer's Body Kiss scene

"I’ve seen Jennifer’s Body, and while I’m not at liberty to review the film yet, I can safely say that it at least reverses my opinion of Fox’s cinematic talents — and, I’m betting, the opinion of many others. Sure, there will always be people who instinctively lay into Fox as a pretty face who can’t act, but after the film is released two weeks from now, at least she’ll finally have her defenders.
It’s a great role for Fox in many ways, not least of which is because it’s an actual role: Rather than merely serving as eye candy, Fox is given a range of things to do and she nails them. What makes the part of Jennifer Check an even better fit for Fox, though, is that it tweaks her eye candy image about as often as Fox herself does in the press. Playing a popular hottie with some unexpected bite is second nature to the actress; just listen as Fox compares Michael Bay to Hitler, and tell me it’s not as deliciously vicious as watching beautiful Jennifer grow fangs to feast on an unsuspecting emo kid.Finally, that comic timing that comes through on the magazine page is given script pages that can utilize it. As Jennifer, Fox is snappy and clever, and her thin voice provides an interesting counterpoint to the unmistakably muscular voice of Jennifer’s writer, Diablo Cody. In the wrong hands (and sometimes even the right ones, like Rainn Wilson’s in Juno), there’s a danger that Cody’s carefully crafted comebacks can feel overdeliberate, but to hear them casually deadpanned by Fox gives the proceedings a quirky jolt. Other actresses would have used those lines to chew the scenery, but Fox effectively plays against them, and when things turn serious or unexpectedly emotional, she pops even more". Source:

JENNIFER'S BODY - ET featurette.
Description: In which we get to see a girl-on-girl kiss and a few surprisingly clever Cody-penned lines.

Emile Hirsch (One for the road)

A video featuring some scenes starred by Emile Hirsch in "The Mudge boy", "The dangerous lives of Altar boys", "The emperor's club", "The girl next door", "Imaginary heroes", "Lords of Dogtown", "Alpha dog", "Into the wild", "Speed Racer", "Milk" and "Taking Woodstock".

Songs "Million Dollar Bash" and "One for the road" by Bob Dylan & The Band.

Leaving a medical center, 2nd September

Jake Gyllenhaal leaving A Medical Center In Beverly Hills, on 2nd September 2009. Pictures courtesy of

Olivia Wilde - Desire me video for Escada & El Hormiguero show

Olivia Wilde is Dr. Remy Hadley in "House M.D".

Tomorrow 3rd September, Olivia Wilde appears in Spanish TV show "El Hormiguero" on Channel Cuatro.

New pictures of Olivia Wilde photographed by her husband Tao Ruspoli.

Olivia Wilde in Madrid, Spain, in promotion of Escada perfume, on 2nd September 2009.

Olivia Wilde - Behind the Scenes of the Commercial for "Desire Me" by ESCADA (2009) I do not own this clip All the rights to Escada.

Olivia Wilde graciously interacting with "El Hormiguero" Spanish show host Pablo Motos, on 3rd September.

Kristen Stewart embracing Robert Pattinson

Outtakes of Kristen Stewart in Nylon magazine.
"Robert Pattinson,star of “Twilight” and “New Moon” recently gave an interview with the French edition of Premiere. He talked about how he was able to cope with his newfound mega super stardom. He says it wasn’t always as easy as he’s recently been making it appear,in fact he used to get quite frustrated with it.

He commented on one experience,saying, “I was in a restaurant during a break at Cannes, and when I came out two hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit.It was total chaos. I’m sure that if I told one of those girls ‘come, let’s go have breakfast,’ she would have been totally embarrassed and would never scream my name again.”

He also talked how his “Twilight Saga” co-star, Kristen Stewart kept him grounded when all the “Twilight” hype started to get to him. He stated, “I was getting really paranoid. If tomorrow I say ‘OK, I’ve had enough we’re stopping everything’ it won’t change anything. Might as well try to accept it and stay Zen as I have no control over it. It’s not always easy. But whining won’t change anything.”

Robert is currently in Vancouver,Canada filming “Twilight Saga : Eclipse” which is set to hit theaters June 30,2010. “Twilight Saga : New Moon” arrives November 20,2009".

Kristen Stewart with Taylor Lautner, Bella and Jacob in "New Moon" (2009).