Jennifer's Body Kiss scene

"I’ve seen Jennifer’s Body, and while I’m not at liberty to review the film yet, I can safely say that it at least reverses my opinion of Fox’s cinematic talents — and, I’m betting, the opinion of many others. Sure, there will always be people who instinctively lay into Fox as a pretty face who can’t act, but after the film is released two weeks from now, at least she’ll finally have her defenders.
It’s a great role for Fox in many ways, not least of which is because it’s an actual role: Rather than merely serving as eye candy, Fox is given a range of things to do and she nails them. What makes the part of Jennifer Check an even better fit for Fox, though, is that it tweaks her eye candy image about as often as Fox herself does in the press. Playing a popular hottie with some unexpected bite is second nature to the actress; just listen as Fox compares Michael Bay to Hitler, and tell me it’s not as deliciously vicious as watching beautiful Jennifer grow fangs to feast on an unsuspecting emo kid.Finally, that comic timing that comes through on the magazine page is given script pages that can utilize it. As Jennifer, Fox is snappy and clever, and her thin voice provides an interesting counterpoint to the unmistakably muscular voice of Jennifer’s writer, Diablo Cody. In the wrong hands (and sometimes even the right ones, like Rainn Wilson’s in Juno), there’s a danger that Cody’s carefully crafted comebacks can feel overdeliberate, but to hear them casually deadpanned by Fox gives the proceedings a quirky jolt. Other actresses would have used those lines to chew the scenery, but Fox effectively plays against them, and when things turn serious or unexpectedly emotional, she pops even more". Source:

JENNIFER'S BODY - ET featurette.
Description: In which we get to see a girl-on-girl kiss and a few surprisingly clever Cody-penned lines.