Robert Pattinson - Premiere Interview

Premiere: Rob, before we start, I'd like to know the name of your hairdresser and the brand of gel you use
Rob: You want to know the truth? The only time I cut my hair is on setP: The last time we saw each other was during the American promotion of Twilight last November, you didn't seem to realize yet what was happening
R: I don't think anyone can understand what's happening. Something like this is so rare. It's a mix of chance and a coincidence. You wake up one day and you're suddenly a star. Really weird. All of a sudden everyone know who you are while you haven't changed one bit. I really understood what was happening in Cannes. I was in a restaurant and when I came out 500 people were waiting for me at the exit. It was a total chaos. They literally had to carry me to the car.
R: It's crazy, isn't it? I haven't found one place in the world yet where I could disappear. Even in the most remote places I can imagine, someone will ask me for a picture or an autograph. Honestly, I didn't think I would be recognized so easily [laughs]
P:At the same time you must have to watch how you act, which must not be easy, especially when you're 23. I remember when I was 23...It was better that a camera wasn't aimed at me 24/7
R: It scares me a little. When I go to meetings for other projects, the people I meet with only seem interested by Edward Cullen. It's like "If the role interests you and you can bring us the public from Twilight, you've got it". They'd even let me play a woman I think.
P:Are there many male Twilight fans?
R:A few.. more and more guys ask me for autographs in fact. Unless they're doing it only to sell them on Ebay [Laughs]
P: Three days after filming New Moon ends you start filming Remember Me, a romantic comedy by Allen Coulter, followed a few days later by Eclipse, the third movie of the Twilight Saga. If we add the western, by Madeleine Stowe, in which you'll be playing after, you will only have 5 days off in one year..
R: And if everything goes as scheduled, in January I'll begin filiming Bel Ami in Paris for 3 months, after which I'll start filming the 4th and last Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn.
P: Therefore you are booked for 2 years
R: Pretty close. With one week at the end of summer to see my friends, whom in the end, I'll forget even exist [Laughs]. It's crazy
P: I feel like it's your way of escaping the craziness surrounding you right now
R: ..And you're not wrong.