Robert Pattinson takes April's GQ cover to talk about Little Ashes!

According to the, Rob Pattinson will be in the cover of GQ Magazine to promote Little Ashes. Read below.

Today, while speaking with Regent Releasing's Theatrical Marketing Manager, Bryan Westbrook, about the 2009 promotion schedule for Little Ashes, he asked if we would like to break the news about a certain Little Ashes star taking the cover of a major magazine.

Of course we would!

The April edition of the magazine, GQ , will be featuring Robert Pattinson on its cover, to promote the March 27, 2009 release of Little Ashes. Fantastic news for Robert as well as everyone who had a part in the making of this film. Be looking for the issue mid-March to read more about Rob and Little Ashes!

Photo Credit: Regent Releasing