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It's 9.30 on a Friday at bliss HQ. Normally we'd be out celeb spotting but we're staying in for a reason. A good one!

We have a phone date with the hottest movie man of the moment, Robert Pattinson. When he finally rings, he's unexpectedly shy, but once we get past the nervous hellos, Rob opens up and his boyish banter and flirty charm ring through our ears to much delight. We.Love.Him

Twilight is a vampire romance movie. Now, we know you're not really a vampire but are you romantic?

''I try to be. I've never really fallen in love, but I try to be as romantic as possible.''

Wowsers! We find that hard to believe. What's not to love?

''[laughs] My first kiss was when I was 12, but I didn't have a girlfriend until I was 18. I was a bit of a loner at school, quite anti-social. If anyone said they were in love, I just thought 'They're idiots.'''

So if you've never been in love - have you also never had your heart broken?

'' I dunno. Maybe it's just been cracked a little bit rather than split right in two.''

Did you and Kristen (Bella), become friends right away?

'' At first, I thought, 'because she's so serious, I've got to be really serious.' I didn't speak for about two months, so I would seem really intense.

Did it work? Were there any on-set romances?

''It was strange. I definitely had a thing with Kristen. Allthe scenes are pretty intense and when you're working with one person most of the time, especially on a relationship that seems impossible, you get into a little bubble. But as for real life romance, I don't really know. I was doing some breathing in the corner [laughs]. I took it really seriously the whole time.''

Really? We heard you proposed to Kristen. Tell us it's not true?

''I can't even remember when this happened. Kristen is like 'Yeah you did.' I was like. 'Oh.' Another girl sent me a text the other week saying, 'Are we still on for our marriage?' And I think I was supposed to marry someone else yesterday. It must be a regular thing with me!''

Are you ready to be the British Zac Efron?

''I don't think I'm quite there yet, but it's funny to see my face on t-shirts. I don't really see it as me. Luckilly, I don't have that much to live up to because I'm playing a broody vampire. I don't have to be clean-cut. I am grateful to be part of this massive phenomenon. I mean, there are only so many times something like this is going to happen in your life. And I thought I'd had my run with Harry Potter. It's insane.''

Who By?

''My mother!''

Your fans are going crazy for you, though. Do you read all your fan mail?

''Yeah, I go through tons and tons of it at a time. I get sent some great stuff. I've gotten some really good books. I had this amazing book sent to me by a fan website, with all of these notes inside it. I mean, it must have taken ages to make. And someone else sent me a book of Charles Baudelaire poems [old French poet]. I'm reading it right now.''

Have you got your head around the fact there's a doll of you?

''Oh yes, I like that. The doll is cool. I mean, that's what I really want. I want to have a little button in the back so you can do stuff with it.''

What goes through your mind when there are crowds screaming for you?

''It's kind of like being in a medieval battle!''

Sounds scary! What frightens you?

''I hate the dark. I was so scared of having nightmares, so before I went to bed I used to think about them constantly and ended up creating my own nightmare. Now I'm terrified of serious diseases - and even the common cold. I'd like to never get ill.''

We've got to ask about your hair. How do you keep it sticking up all the time?

'' I don't know, I guess 'cause I stress out all the time, I just always grab my hair. It's so funny how that's become a thing, my hair. It needs a cut and I don't like hair being in my face. Now it's like, 'it's his signature style! I'm definitely going to cut it pretty soon.''

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