Michelle Monaghan keeps Hollywood guessing

"In the new thriller Source Code, Michelle Monaghan plays a Chicago woman described by the Jake Gyllenhaal character as "beautiful", "decent" and "honest".
Jake Gyllenhaal with Michelle Monaghan at "SOURCE CODE" LOS ANGELES PREMIERE on 28th March 2011

Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal at THE CINEMA SOCIETY & COACH HOST A SCREENING OF "SOURCE CODE" on 31st March 2011

"It's important to keep Hollywood guessing", she says over coffee at a downtown restaurant. "I've done one or two romantic comedies" — her resume includes Made of Honor and The Heartbreak Kid remake — "but if that was all I did, it'd be the end of my career. I want to be around a long time. I love my job."
"I saw her first in that film," says Source Code director Duncan Jones, "not just holding her own, but giving as good as she got. She was fantastic in that. And I thought if we could capture that Michelle Monaghan in our film, we'd be in good shape. And I think we did more than that."
From Kiss Kiss Monaghan went on to co-star in Mission: Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise, Gone Baby Gone with Casey Affleck, Eagle Eye with Shia LaBeouf (her high school drama teacher's favourite) and others. She took two years off after the birth of her daughter before resuming work with Source Code and the upcoming Machine Gun Preache" with Gerard Butler and Michael Shannon.
"Keeping a positive outlook while she's working is part of her skill set," says Jones. "She knows how to make a film set an enjoyable place to work, which is really important, because film sets have the potential to be really, really tense environments." Source: www.theprovince.com