Selma Blair spotted bra-less, Highway stills with Jake Gyllenhaal & Jared Leto

Selma Blair gets a leg up on the competition juggling her helmet while unloading groceries into her car in full riding gear.

Sunday, September 5, 2010: Selma Blair was spotted arriving to Fred Segal Melrose, bra-less under her white tank top, with her 7-year-old Welsh Corgi, named 'Wink'. Selma stopped to ask permission to take Wink inside Apothia with her for some shopping.

Selma Blair and Jared Leto (Cassie and Jack) live a wild journey in "Highway" (2002)
Pilot (Jake Gyllenhaal) says farewell to his best friend Jack Hayes while he's lying on bed in "Highway" (2002)Official poster of "Love and other drugs" in High Quality, courtesy of