Kristen Stewart getting the music right in The Runaways

"We both were really concerned about getting the music right" says Stewart. "They have a very distinctive sound. It's not just singing. It's not just trying to sound good. It's trying to sound like them.Kristen Stewart with Joan Jett at Los Angeles Premiere of The Runaways.

"I had two weeks with Kristen; I knew she could play guitar and she was already practicing on her own," she says. "She already had recorded a little bit so I knew that she would come in prepared. I had about a month with Dakota and I put her in front of a live band for many rehearsals. Then when everybody got together I did numerous rehearsals as a band. So by the time I was filming they had already bonded and already knew what it was like to be in a band. I felt really confident on that level and so did they. I think that was really important. By the time we got to 'Cherry Bomb' they really excelled. We had a month of shooting and by that time they were a band."

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"Hollywood" by The Runaways

The Runaways Q&A opening with Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning The Runaways cast talks about the film at the opening of the Q&A session at SXSW!

Dakota Fanning is asked to act out the famous mic "over the leg" move as seen in the Runaways.

"The soundtrack is a good mix of the original Runaways songs, plus new versions sung by Stewart (as Joan Jett) and Dakota Fanning (as Cherie Currie). The album also includes an impressive collection of songs from artists that influenced both women in not only their musical style, but their personal style as well.
Always curious to see how actors do when faced with the challenge of depicting musical artists, Stewart and Fanning succeeded in embodying the style, and they weren’t too bad on the ears either. Fanning is particularly impressive as she channels Cherie Currie’s growl and attitude on her solo tracks. I have no doubt a whole new generation of girls will be singing “ch-ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb” thanks to this electric track". Source: