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Jake Gyllenhaal gabs away on his cell phone outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on 20th June 2007.Anne Hathaway.Alicia Silverstone.Bijou Phillips.Amanda Seyfried.

Kristen Stewart leaving her home in Sherman Oaks, CA, on 23rd March 2010."Kristen Stewart left her home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. yesterday looking particularly happy, smiling as she chatted on the phone. The Runaways star fueled up her car and then reportedly made her way to Beverly Hills to check out some homes that are on the market with a friend! Maybe the Twilight starlet wants to invest in some new property with the large paychecks rolling in? However, Kristen told photogs that she, in fact, is not on the market for a new home". Source: celebritydaddy.com
The Twilight star gets into a car while distracted and on the phone which she mistook for her Mini Cooper.

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room".Lady Gaga in "Telephone video".Ellen Page as Hayley Stark in "Hard Candy" (2005).Emile Hirsch in "The Girl next door" (2004).Jesse Eisenberg in "Cursed" (2005).Alison Lohman in "Drag me to Hell" (2009).
Drew Barrymore in the opening scene of "Scream" (1996).
"Sydney has a lot more at stake. She begins getting terrorizing phone calls, and it would seem that she is the killers next target. After being attacked by the killer and trapping herself in her room, she calls 911. While waiting, her boyfriend Billy climbs through her window, like he did the night prior. This time a cell phone falls out of his jacket, and Sydney rushes away from him. Dewey was waiting just outside the front door, along with a few other members of the local police. He is placed in custody until Sydney receives another phone call, proving Billy's innocence". Source: www.moviesmademe.com

"Somebody get Captain Obvious on the phone, because today's "Scream 4" news has his name all over it. It all started last year, with the news that series creator Kevin Williamson would be returning to his script-flipping horror series with an all-new trilogy set after the events of the original three movies (i.e. not a reboot). Things moved quickly from there, as the Arquettes committed to reprise their roles, as did Neve Campbell (following some uncertainty), and Williamson revealed some of his plans for the follow-up". moviesblog.mtv.com

"Being released back in 1996 the film is of course quite dated these days and some aspects of the film are laughable, Courtney Cox's mobile phone for one! Yet this film over the years has never lost any credibility with audiences, so much so that they've even done a revival of it 10 years after Scream 3 which goes to show just how much of an impact this film left on audiences around the world". Source: www.dooyoo.co.uk

According to cnn.com: Video rental companies made big moves this week in the race to deliver movies to phones. All of them believe that owning mobile is a ticket to winning the other three screens -- computers, televisions and tablets -- because viewers want to pick up on one screen where they left off on another, just as they do when reading an Amazon Kindle e-book.

Lag Time: Streaming or downloading? Streaming clearly wins in terms of the amount of time you'll have to wait before a movie starts playing on your phone. If you are looking for a
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Video Quality: Although cell phone screens are too small for the HD formats used by larger screens, their screens are improving, and some phones ship with optional projectors for displaying a movie on a wall. In order to avoid dropouts, streaming services vary their bit rates, which is why they generally keep up to 20 versions of a given movie on file, each encoded at a different bit rate. Mobile movie-download services require a higher degree of customization for each device because the movies have to be stored on the phone, and various models handle that differently.

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